As one of the metal fabrication industry leaders in the Philippines, it was only a matter of time before MD Gruppe created its own line of consumer products that reflects the quality of all its other industrial products. After a rigorous and well-studied design process, the company has finally come up with its own home and office line that

  • is built for enduring durability

  • keeps the Filipino wallet in mind

  • can be used by anyone, anywhere.

The new product range, which includes the following:

Cutting Edge Storage Solutions Metal Storage Rack

RytStorage Dish Rack

MetaHome Curtain Holders

BenBed Bunk Beds

These products will definitely take the consumer market by storm.

It will be a breath of fresh air for this surplus and production driven market that has seen so many promising items that look so good in photos but end up disappointing. It is rare to see outstandingly cost effective and durable products and needless to say MD Gruppe’s items fall right on that pedestal; they are cheap but are built to last. Your purchase today will easily see the sight of your grandchildren (and even beyond that, no questions asked).

So whether you are only looking to buy or if you want to be part of the soon-to-be-booming distribution and sales leg, MD Gruppe assures you two big things:

Precise workmanship. Nothing more, nothing less.

Quick and worry free services
(and good profit margins for sellers and distributors)

Make these novel products an excellent sales opportunity for you and your company. Inquire now!

For more product inquiries, please download our Product Catalog 

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