Our Products

Our products span across several industries. We offer a variety of home ornamental products such as planter boxes, garden ornaments, gates, fences, facades, dividers, beds, and windows.

We also offer various office accessories, decorative items, and fixtures such as planter boxes, storage bins, and cabinets.

Form meets function in the line of products we showcase. The designs are admired both for its beauty and functionality. Not only are they practical and appealing, they also add value to the lives of our customers.



Recognizing the need for more space – BEN is the perfect furniture to have in our homes. BEN allows the family to enjoy precious bonding time indoors without having to worry about taking up too much space, therefore helping you save money instead of spending it on renovations.

BEN is:

Built to EN-ergize
BEN comes with a comfortable, easy-to-store, standard-sized foam mattress guaranteed to give each family member a good night’s rest.

Built to EN-dure
BEN is built with longevity, quality, and your utmost comfort and satisfaction in mind. BEN was also developed to be affordable so that you can enjoy resting after a long day’s work without breaking the bank – because BEN believes that affordability and quality goes hand-in-hand.

Built to EN-sure peace of mind
BEN was designed to be easily installable on any standard reinforced concrete wall allowing you to be have a fully rested body and mind.