Let’s face it, 10,000 pesos these days is not exactly a large sum of money. It does not have the same value as it would have 10 years ago. A couple of years back, in the year 2000, if you used the same amount of money to buy gold, the same amount of that you would’ve purchased would be worth 56,000 pesos today.

Five times your investment. Not bad for money you would’ve spent anyway.

So, instead of spending all of that in a shopping spree, why not invest that money where it can grow and prosper? Here are a few savings and business opportunities that we suggest:

1. VUL (Variable Life Insurances) or IULs (Indexed Life Insurances)
VULs and IULs are insurances that build cash values over a span of time which makes them slightly more expensive than standard or term life insurances. The cash value is similar to a savings account within your life insurance; this stored money is invested in stock or mutual funds (other companies may offer high risk investments such as hedge funds). As such, these values can grow as much as the market it was invested in grows (IULs have floor and ceiling percentages) and it all comes with the benefit of a life insurance.


2. Put it in a term savings account
Term savings accounts keep your money for you like normal banks do but they do so at a higher interest rate. They can increase up to .25% additional interest rates per annum as opposed to regular deposit accounts. This means that your 10,000, should be grow to 10,200. Not bad really, instead of buying new house furniture; you get to use the money at a more important time.


3. Get creative

Instead of looking for a distributor or looking for a distribution partner (more on this later), why not make your products your own. Fair warning though, this may take some time to take off and requires a bit of effort and patience.

Invest that money in a good craft that you think the world is looking for. It can be anything from food to something as crazy as braided bracelets. If you think you can offer something special then it might be worthwhile to see if people will want to buy it. This is a bit risky but, it can work out great in the end.

Think of all the good businesses out there. This is how they all started.

4. Invest in intrinsic value
Items such as the one we mentioned in our opening are very, very good investments considering their historical growth but, these can take time to grow or may lose their value in the future.
Our suggestion is to put your money where it can eventually pay for itself such as real estate (via renting it out or just simply using it without having to pay for rent!) or things that will probably not depreciate in value (such as jewelry; hence the gold and diamond trade). The latter one is probably not the best option if you are looking for a quick kick back but it’s definitely something to explore if you’re good at doing micro trades.


5. Be a reseller or distributor of products
This is easy: buy something, then re-sell at a mark up.

There are many business opportunities out there that offer great margins for their products; some don’t even have selling commitments whatsoever. All you really have to do is search them out and go directly to the manufacturer.
While most companies are looking for distributors in the Philippines, others are investing a lot in nurturing their reseller network. One such company is the metal product manufacturer MD Gruppe. Just recently, they came out with their own line of affordable products and they are looking for distributors and resellers.


They have a wide array of home furniture and office equipment that are built for today’s demand.

They are not hard to sell and they can give you up to 50% profit or more (depending on how high you sell them for).

These items can be sold to you at a very cheap re-seller price they can sell at high profit! Not bad!

You don’t really need to invest a lot here, just your time and patience!


For more information about MD Gruppe’s re-sellers program click here
If you want to be a distributor and earn higher profits, fill out this form and submit it via marketing@mdgruppe.com